28 July, 2014


It feels so nice to be back in St Andrews-- a special bubble of a town that we quickly tire of when there, but every time we leave we find ourselves eager return.

Now we're all trying to be patient awaiting Peter's homecoming. We're on day 2-- ha!

We spent this morning and well into the afternoon building sand castles and splashing around on East Sands. We packed a picnic and took the day slowly, tiring everyone out along the way. We can't wait to go back with our kite.

Sebastian Grey//  said to Peter one evening last week, "Oh my! Papa I am just so glad you are home! Papa, I want to pray for you." With his hands on Peter's face, "Dear Jesus, thank you so much that my Papa is home. Amen."
Katharina McCallum//  first one in the water, last one out. Every time.
Philippa Byrde//  has started sharing some of her sister's clothes this week! She also insists she needs panties.

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  1. (Warning: I'm about to type a novel of a comment.)

    Tears in my eyes again with those sweet words of Sebastians. <3 Love him and his tender heart.
    Katharina has loved water since she was a baby, huh!? I remember she didn't want to come out of the tub when we visited. :)
    Love Philippa's dress, and was just wondering yesterday if she would potty train before Ralphie (who still firmly says "NO!" when I ask if he wants to try.)
    Love you all. xoxox