20 July, 2014


Yesterday we all slept until eleven and woke to heavy clouds promising rain.  Peter suggested we rent a car for the day and escape the bustle of the city for some mountain views and waterfalls in the Highlands. I couldn't object.

Peter picked up the car by himself while the kids and I packed a picnic, pyjamas, and things for the road. We told them Papa was bringing back a surprise, and we were going on an adventure. None of them expected him to come back with a car.

So we made it to Glencoe in the pouring rain, and stopped for a hundred photos and to play in waterfalls along the way. The kids dosed on and off all through the day, between Do you Wanna Build a Snowman and The Cranberries, Peter I talked about education and traveling, and savoured the quiet time all together.

On our drive back to Edinburgh we stopped in a little one-road village for dark chocolate, raspberry ripple, and banana marshmallow ice cream cones (Philippa's first!), which ended up being the best ice cream we've had in Scotland to date.

In the hustle of life, it's sometimes hard to believe we're so close to scenery this stunning and tranquil, but we are thankful it's only a few hours away because all needed an escape this weekend.


  1. These pictures are so incredibly beautiful. Can we please visit here when we come see you?? Love to see you and Peter in pictures, too. :)

  2. It's such a treat to see these moments in your life!