23 July, 2014


We had a great morning at a park with new friends despite none of us sleeping much last night because of intense heat and humidity. We now need to focus hard on packing and cleaning for our move Saturday.

Happy Wednesday, everyone! It's another hot and sunny one here. We're looking forward to a picnic dinner in the park tomorrow as Peter winds down this half of his work.


Caramel -- quintessential English clothing. Don't you want your babies in all of it?

 I love the colours at Eloise + Oliver. 

We just might get Partylicious supplies for our next birthday party.

...where we'll use big balloons from The Carousel Show.

I can't get over this bunk bed.

I'm in love with this jumpsuit.

We're excited to make these crackers once we move.

Have you seen the easiest way to shuck corn? I wonder if it's possible without a microwave?

I can't wait to buy this cookbook.

Even if you're not a mother, MOTHER is so great.

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  1. I LOVE everything at Eloise+Oliver! And, I've heard that that corn shucking method works just as well if you boil the corn. Can't wait to try it. :)