19 August, 2014


Peter returns this weekend and we can hardly wait! In the meantime we're keeping busy (extra busy this week, it seems) with friends and each other. Today we ordered a quiet morning in, which everyone needed. I'm thankful my job is one that allows Tuesday mornings to start at 9, with snuggles and two back-to-back episodes of Busytown Mysteries in bed before making our way downstairs for scrambled eggs and toast.

  Sebastian Grey// said, "Did you know guys, this plane has two wings, and that means it's called a bi-plane." Can you guess what he's been interested in lately? Also, guess what he wants on his birthday cake.
Katharina McCallum// when the other two laugh at my exaggerated reactions to their smelly feet, Katharina will become offended and ask, "Can you say mine smell like baby flowers instead?"
Philippa Byrde// tells people she is two, and the saddest part is she is looking it! She also wants a kitten named Anna or Elsa, hates wearing diapers, and always asks to sit on the counter while I cook.

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