29 August, 2014


It is hard to believe we are 34 weeks into this project already. I can't believe how this year has flown. We're looking forward to all the things the rest of it has in store and the things 2015 promises as well.

This week the girls' photos were taken by their Papa on our berry-picking adventure earlier this week.

We move this weekend to stay in a friend's house until we can reclaim Ivybank next week. We've counted this morning we have moved five times this summer and 15 times since getting married in 2009! While none of us are bothered moving about, we are excited to settle back into our own home next week.

Sebastian Grey// at bedtime after Peter and I tucked him in, "Mama, I want you to close the door tonight since you're the beautifulest."
Katharina McCallum//  said, "Eat your crust Byrdie, that makes your hair really strong when you grow up."
Philippa Byrde//  perhaps one of the funniest new things she does: stares at people out of the corners of her eyes. We'll try to snap a photo next time she does it.

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  1. The beautifulest!! <3

    Eat that crust Pip! Obviously, Katharina does!