01 August, 2014


I realise it's been ages since I've blogged a proper update. I've found writing to be harder the busier life becomes, so for the rest of this summer and into autumn, I'm purposing to keep life simple enough that it doesn't slip away. Simple enough to ferment my own food and still make our shampoo and read 7,000 picture books a week. And I have hopes of writing a bit more too.

So here it goes.

Our time in Edinburgh was wonderful in all sorts of ways. It started with two weeks of what felt like a holiday while Peter's work hadn't begun and we got settled in our new place and learned the ins and outs of living in Edinburgh's West End. As one does on holiday, we ate out a few too many times and Peter and I made every night after bedtime a date-night-in. An early night for us became crawling into bed before 2am-- ha!

And yet again, life in Edinburgh just felt right to us. We'd both say, more right than anywhere else we've lived. We do still hope to settle down there next summer, whether with BlackRock or another firm.

It's worth mentioning the unbelievably warm welcome we received from the wonderful people at St Columba's-- young and old families, settled down, in their careers, raising their children. We are so thankful for the friends we made there and none of us felt ready to leave them.

While Peter worked 7am-8pm on average (with his hours during presentation week being about 7am-2am), the littles and I thoroughly enjoyed the City again. We picnicked once a day in one of the many parks, we baked together and had playdates with new friends. By evening, everyone was hot and worn and bedtime was welcomed.

With Peter working hours longer than those he clocks in student life, weekends were always exciting and precious. We purposed to fill them just enough to enjoy without burning anyone out. We picnicked and took trips to the museums, zoo, and Highlands.

Last weekend we furiously packed and made the trek back across the Forth Road Bridge to St Andrews, where we had one night with Peter before he caught a morning train for London. Peter and I had a delicious dinner at The Doll's House, and drinks at the Central and the Criterion, before he left.

In the busyness of packing and cleaning and returning keys and making arrangements we both missed what would have been the fourth birthday of our first born sons and our first twins. Though Peter couldn't be with us, the kids and I made a birthday cake to celebrate their lives that never breathed this earthly air. How we love them!

I need to go stretch and drink a bottle of water, so I'll leave this here.

Happy Friday, friends! Hope your weekend is great.

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