12 August, 2014


We had a great time at Cairnie last week with a handful of good friends. We went in the morning with a packed lunch and plans to kill the entire day, which wasn't hard to do.

We ate lunch in a giant teepee, and had our fill of slides, shoots, inflatables, and buggy rides. Sebastian liked driving his sisters around the farm on the powered tractor. Katharina's favourite was the slides and Philippa couldn't get enough time on the trampolines.

By time we were finished with the rides, trampolines, slides, and corn maze, we opted out of berry picking since it was already 3 hours past nap time (ha!). So we bought berries in the farm shop instead. I was completely thrilled with my purchase of 5 pounds of strawberries, nearly 2 1/2 pounds of cherries, and 600g of raspberries for less than £15.

When the rain came, as it often does in Scotland, we took cover under the bridge in the corn maze. Not fifteen minutes later the sun was shining again and we headed back out for more play.

We just finished off the last of our strawberries yesterday and are still talking about the rides today.   We can't wait to take Peter back this Fall.

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