10 September, 2014


Somehow things turned busier than I anticipated and Monday didn't feel like a Monday and I missed posting portraits. But they should be up later tonight, if all goes well. So stay tuned.  Until then, here are ten photos for the tenth day of September (how??).

Most is well here-- Peter and I came down with coughs (which may or may not be allergy-related) shortly after moving back to Ivybank, so we're nursing those and enjoying this last week together before his schedule starts picking up. Sebastian and Katharina turn three (how??) in two-and-a-half weeks so party planning is in full force. Today we have sunshine; so much sunshine.  Lots to be thankful for, friends.

Happy Wednesday.


1. morning play-doh time  2. sunflowers from our neighbours  3. a lunchtime walk  4. the boys won this pellet-firing tank at a model train exhibition. it's a bit much for the 2-year-old but perfect for his papa- ha.  5. still peeling apples  6. sauce all winter  7. thankful he takes it upon himself to lend a hand  8. a productive afternoon  9. after nap berry-picking  10. our lovely garden herbs are starting to fade as summer draws to a close

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