25 September, 2014


Happy Thursday, everyone! Here are this week's portraits.  I didn't pick-up my big camera once last week, so these photos are from the archives, and Sebastian's was taken by his Papa.

Things are proving a bit crazy as the semester takes off and we last-minute try to arrange funding for the academic year and make big decisions about our future. Sorting funding is never exciting, so I'm thankful for Peace & Calming.

We so excited to announce big news for our life after St Andrews next June, so check back soon. I'm a girl that lives for change and happened to marry an incredibly spontaneous and adventurous soul, so we're walking on a lot of excitement here lately.

Pin the Tail on the Donkey arrived today- in plenty of time for this weekend's celebration. We're wishing we could make the cakes and hang balloons already. The weather is forecasted to be 60's and clear; we can't wait!

Sebastian Grey// sometimes prefers snuggling over sleeping. He says it comes with nearing age three.
Katharina McCallum// asked seriously, "do you think we should throw Philippa in the rubbish bin so that she doesn't steal my blankets anymore?"
Philippa Byrde// she likes to sing to us at dinner, and if anyone tries to join in she stops and says, "I'm singin' it, guys."

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