16 September, 2014

Update time, since nap time is running longer than I thought and I'm supposed to be making a grocery list but ideas of complete meals are escaping me.

Peter and I on our way out of a strange and persistent bout of sickness through which we ate (drank?) loads of chicken soup, and consumed an average of 30 lemons a week. It's never fun, but we're thankful for the resources we have to have been able to keep all the children healthy through it.

Peter is eager for his semester to start tomorrow. He's looking forward to his classes and professors, a much more laid-back year, and 15,000 words in graded coursework in lieu of final exams. This year he also finishes earlier than ever before-- 12 December! It's looking to be a great final first semester.

Sebastian and Katharina are eagerly awaiting their birthday celebration, mostly for the cakes. Exclusively for the cakes? They got birthday cards with stickers inside in the mail from their great-grandmother this morning and their reactions humbled me.

Aside from squeals and laughter, their conversation went something like this as they looked at the cards and stuck stickers all over them:

"Oh I am so happy!"
"Wow, this was so so sweet of Mare-Mare!"
"SO kind!" 
"Can we take our nap with our new birthday cards?"

I want to be beside-myself-thankful for even the tiniest things in life too. To have a child's heart.

Peter gave Philippa fringe one spontaneous night while she played in the bathtub and now she wears pig-tails nearly every day. We love when she wraps a hand around each one and says, "Now haf peeg-tails!" She swells even her brother and sister's hearts and in the past few weeks has made great progress interacting with them as a friend not a naughty baby sister.

We've loved watching her relationship with Katharina blossom since we've moved them to the same bedroom. They sing together and talk about their babies and buggies and long hair and ice cream.

Further from home but actually home, the Independence Referendum is this week and our household is anxiously awaiting the outcome. Though we know this decision has been made before Mr Salmond was even birthed there's no doubting a "yes" vote will affect even us. Three years ago our "big plans" involved returning to our homeland and putting down roots in NYC, but we've been in Scotland for over three years now and we've fallen deeply in love with the UK and a cosmopolitan lifestyle.

Our dreams shifted from a fast-paced life in the Big Apple to Edin-brah, where we imagine buying an old place outside the city, having a couple more babies and just as many chickens and kittens named Basil and Polly, with city-life and Europe at our fingertips. A "yes" vote will change all of that and settling in Scotland would be virtually out of the question as the greatest (and wisest) financial institutions may be forced to leave their gorgeous, historic Georgian offices in the Capital and head south.

We know Who's on the Throne and we're thankful for that. In the final 48 hours, if anyone has a solid, un-emotional, compelling reason to stand behind the "Yes" campaign, we'll hear it. Otherwise, no thanks.

Happy Tuesday, all! We're enjoying a great week getting back into life's swing, with so many library books that we maxed out each of the littles' cards- ha!

I'll be back this week sharing the best chocolate chip cookie recipe to date.


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