09 October, 2014


Apologies these portraits are late again-- I'm working to revamp my blogging schedule and in the meantime everything blog related is falling behind. I've promised myself I'll get back to it, but never at the expense of my family, so again I'm searching for what that balance looks like for our lifestyle. I'd really like to land somewhere in-between where I am now and daily blogs.

I've loved this project and will be so glad to look back at 52 photos of each of my babies, but I'll also be glad when it's done. I can't believe we are to week 40 already!

Sebastian Grey// new alien jammies and. . .wait for it. . .his cap gun.
Katharina McCallum// that's not a turban or a nun's habit, it's actually princess hair and it is "soo so beautiful."
Philippa Byrde//  when Papa says it's not paci time. (Sebastian cracks up laughing every time he sees this photo- ha).

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  1. That picture of Sebastian should be in a magazine! Holy smokes. :D