27 October, 2014


It's long overdue that I write a little bit on here about our plans after Peter graduates next June. I think I haven't done it sooner because as far as plans go, not much is established. Except for the greatest thing: Peter has a job.

He accepted a full-time position with BlackRock, the company he worked for in both London and Edinburgh this summer. When given the opportunity to choose which city of the two he wanted to start his career in, we settled on London, a bit to even our own surprise. There were a lot of variables to consider but we both felt strongly that London was the place to be.

For Peter this has been the confirmation that the hours of labour and applications and money and time and emotions and stress and sacrifice and separation we've invested in this journey have not been in vain. And I just feel so proud. And thankful of course, that he was offered a great job with his choice of location. And, this company's decision to hire Peter was the shortest process of any intern.

We're excited to start house-hunting in the Spring (just kidding. Of course I've already started). Some of our dearest friends have left St Andrews for London and aside from them, we seem to be steadily building a new community of people eager and willing to help us find our footing.  To say we're thrilled to live in one place indefinitely and choose our own curtains would be an understatement.

I'm eager to watch Peter flourish in this new adventure. As I'm confident we all will. These years in St Andrews have been amazing ones, and St Andrews and its people have given so much to us; a lot of these people will be so hard to leave. But it's been a time of confirmation as well-- that Peter's well-suited for his career and that we are walking the path we were meant to. We are thankful this time of schooling is drawing to a close and are so excited for what is to come-- blessings abound.

The advice Peter has consistently received from his future colleagues is to relax and enjoy our final year in St Andrews, so we plan to do just that. This Autumn is promising to be a full one with just this week dinner invitations, dinner guests, live folk music, pub dates, and our first 'Byron Night' (a formal Halloween party sans children) at a friend's nearby estate.

Happy Sunday! xx

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