02 October, 2014


Sebastian and Katharina turned three last Sunday and to celebrate we invited more than half a dozen of their little friends and ten of their favourite big people, plus parents, for a giant chilli lunch (which Becky graciously made all the cornbread for-- enough for 50 people!), Pin the Tail on the Donkey, Pass the Parcel, balloons, cake & ice cream.

Making the cakes is always my favourite part of birthday parties in our house. This year they each had their own ideas and so we opted for two cakes-- each distinctly different and perfect in their own ways.  We were pleased with the results.

Between desserts, their best friends, and a table full of presents, Sebastian and Katharina were beside themselves with excitement.

We strung crepe paper and balloons around the garden, set up several tables and scattered chairs, laid out blankets for the little ones, and partied in the sunshine. It was the perfect breezy afternoon celebrating our first- and second-born.

Calum and Sarah, our faithful and long-time friends (who haven't missed a birthday party yet!), brought small gifts for Philippa as well, because it's hard being the baby when it's not your party- ha! And most of these photos were taken by Sarah.

Sebastian and Katharina were given loads of presents and are incredibly thankful for each and every one. Two was fun but we're so excited to see what three holds for our extraordinary duo! We're so thankful for everyone who joined our celebration-- near and far!

Thanks for stopping by! xx

You can find the recipe for Sebastian's vegan dark chocolate cake with bittersweet chocolate + soured cream ganache right here. Katharina's was Nourished Kitchen's lovely coconut flour cake with this vanilla buttercream.

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  1. What a sweet celebration! Hoping some day we can be there to celebrate in person (because of course we celebrated from afar :)) xxoo