10 November, 2014


Happy Monday, everyone! We're coming out of a fantastic weekend of celebrating with Philippa's birthday party and later, Peter's "signing party" in our garden (read: an excuse to stay up far too late around a fire with drinks, good conversation, and best friends).

We still have balloons hanging and are feeling a tad tired still, but the cake is gone and we have loads of photos. I can't wait to share them!

Can I also take a moment to applaud my husband for spotlessly cleaning up from both parties after the second ended at three a.m.? Husbands with their babies are attractive, but equally so are husbands mopping dirt off the kitchen floor 6 hours before said babies are due to wake up.

Without further ado, portrait week 45:

Sebastian Grey//  when I exclaimed, "I love you too much!" He responded calmly, "It's not too much, it's just a l i t t l e bit too much."
Katharina McCallum//  Sebastian, "Wellies starts with "w", what does firetruck start with?" Katharina, "And what does pink dresses start with?" Ha!
Philippa Byrde//  has been using less of the buggy and more of her legs, and she's doing great!

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