19 November, 2014


This Friday I'm off to visit a good friend in London, so I'll be back with a scrumptious gluten-free pumpkin bread recipe before then, then that'll be it until I'm back.

Happy midweek, everyone!


Sebastian// during a full-family sword fight, "I just died, so I need True Love's kiss."
Katharina// after reading Proverbs 15 one evening, "So, if Sebastian takes a toy from me then I will say [softly], 'No, Sebastian, that wasn't kind.' because that turns away wrath."
Philippa//  on her first day of potty training: potty: 1, leggings: 4. Day two has been exponentially better. . .

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  1. Oh those sweet faces, and the sweet things they say! I can't believe how delicious Philippa's little pouty lips look. :D hehe.