04 November, 2014


Today Philippa is two, and when she woke this morning we learned her favourite word became "no" overnight. Though we'll never believe in the terrible twos, we do hope she says yes to cake this weekend.

She went out for a full Scottish breakfast with her papa this morning, per family tradition. Sebastian, Katharina, and I picked up some "pee-nk" coloured balloons while she was out and we let her walk around town with them to see how many Happy Birthdays she could get. It turns out she was quite eye-catching.

She opened her present from us this morning before breakfast, which was the rabbit version of her well-loved Frances, a Moulin Roty teddy bear. The Bear has been worth every penny we paid and the Rabbit (whom we named Imogen) seems like she'll be just as loved.
We're having bangers & mash tonight followed by banana splits. Saturday we'll have a small party for her with a few close friends and we cannot wait for the cake.

We're so thankful for this little girl and the happiness she brings to our lives. She's such a wonderful reminder to us of the many joys of parenthood. We love her bright eyes, her pudgy fingers, and the way she links the words in her sentences together (Me-eh-finding-eh-da-dust-y-pan ["I'm finding the dust pan"]).

Happy birthday, my Byrdie! You rock our world.


  1. Oh my goodness, she is so adorable!!! Love the pictures!!! Happy birthday to Philippa!

  2. I think I made audible squeals with each of these pictures. What a doll she is! Happy Birthday to my favorite little Byrde!