11 November, 2014


I wanted to share a few photos from the little party we threw for Philippa on Saturday. We invited some of her best toddler and adult friends over and let her choose the food-- "choc-at cake" and "pee-nk i-creem" it was! We also invited a few party animals. . .

Philippa's chocolate cake was the same I made for Sebastian's third birthday, and the party animals we easily created by gluing homemade party hats on some inexpensive safari animals (plus a camel?).

As each of Philippa's guests arrived she met them at the door and upon seeing they had a present in hand would exclaim, "Oh! my peh-sents!?" and proceed to carry it to the place she was accumulating them.

She thought each candle represented a verse of Happy Birthday to You, so after she blew out her first candle and no one sang, she repeated the song solo.  The girl definitely milked her day and it was a blast celebrating her second birthday (yet again!).

(Thanks, Sarah, for photos four & five!).


  1. Oh how perfectly cute it turned out! Dying over her sweet little face.

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