07 December, 2014

47/52 & 48/52

Playing catch-up on portraits this week! Life has been truly sweet, and I haven't done well at photographing it, but as my husband says, "some [most] moments are just meant to be enjoyed by those present."

Peter has eight days left in this semester and as always, we can hardly wait. This year has flown by and we're a bit uneasy about how fast next (and last) semester will go. But all is well here.

It's December! my favourite time of year. And we've started saying Merry Christmas to people on the street. Next year I'm looking forward to new photo projects, but won't be returning this one. Do you have any fun suggestions for photo challenges?

These three darlings light up our lives and we're feeling a particularly deep reward in this season of parenting them.  Merry Christmas, all. 'Tis the season. xx

Sebastian//  after months of praying for one multiple times a day, a toy motorcycle showed up in his underwear drawer this week.
Katharina//  was gifted a Belle dress and crown today and has been walking around the house saying, "Oh, now I'm a real princess." We're a bit amazed at just how girly she's become.
Philippa//  munching on a rambutan. Have you tried them? You should-- they're strange, but new favourites here!

Sebastian//  has announced that since he knows all the letter sounds and how to write most of them, he's ready to start reading "so I can read in my bed at night with my lamp on." Steady, boy!
Katharina//  never not reading. Or dancing or singing.
Philippa//  was up ten times through the night with a stuffy nose, which was worse than she ever was as a newborn or three-month-old or one-year-old. Lots of snuggles and naps here today. . .

p.s. have you checked out my nephews' portraits lately? They're darling!

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