12 December, 2014


The weather here has been colder than I remember in past winters, though I doubt it actually is; I must say that every year just after I exclaim I am a fair weather girl and permanently belong on a beach. Nevertheless we wear wool and light the fire and drink Scottish honey in hot lemon water and suddenly, Winter is lovely. Even romantic.

We stayed home all of today and painted through the morning, topped the paint off with glitter, and hung our posters throughout the house. Voila, it sparkles and it's magical.

Philippa properly looks like a toddler now, and I have nothing more to say about that because she was supposed to stay our baby. Sebastian is still gunning to read and will often scream for us from his bed at night, and once we've hurried in there to see what on earth could be the matter, he calmly asks, "Does Christof begin with 'c'?"

Katharina has this new smile that melts my heart (below). Her end-of-term dance recital is tomorrow and we can't wait to see what she's been up to in class! She and I are also planning a date for Wednesday, because it's been a while since we went out, just the two of us. She's asked for a scone and maybe tea, but if the place she hopes to go to doesn't sell tea, she's "pretty sure they probably sell water." And I told her, darling, we live in Great Britain. You'll get your tea.

Happy Friday! We're looking forward to finishing up Christmas shopping this weekend, hand-delivering some Christmas presents, and getting over coughs so we can start baking an overabundance of Christmas cookies!

xo, Angela

Sebastian Grey// got new Cars boxers today and exclaimed that he likes them so much he is going to wear the Francesco Bernoulli pair to his wedding!
Katharina McCallum// the new smile, it kills me.
Philippa Byrde// ever since I got back from London will occasionally cry, "I'm soo saaaad!" When asked why, "Becaussse I just want my Paaapa."

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  1. Oh, cuties!!

    (Laugh out loud with Sebastian's wedding choice. :))