24 December, 2014


Saturday we boarded a bus bound for Pittenweem with some of our best friends-- Eric, Stephanie, and their daughter, and our littles' best bud, Charlotte. Stephanie's been like my sister in Scotland and I'm so thankful for our late night walks, phone calls and dozens of daily exchanged text messages. Conveniently, she lives not ten houses down the path from us.  Basically she's been the friend I had prayed I would make in St Andrews; our husbands laugh at how long we spend chatting to each other but we argue time just ticks doubly fast when we are together.

Anyway, she had received word that Father Christmas was due to visit The Cocoa Tree Cafe.

Most of us inhaled peppermint oil the bumpy, winding, thirty-three-minute ride (bless public transportation) but we found Santa. The children's responses were varying-- most cloaked in at least a bit of uncertainty. Philippa said he was gross and graced us with the typical terrified-toddler-on-Santa's-lap shot. Sebastian carried on an in-depth conversation with the man, and Katharina asked for a second photo with him before we left, but cautiously watched him our whole time at the Cafe.

Once warmed up, we wandered the darling streets of Pittenweem before catching our return bus. If you're ever in the East Neuk looking for a place to stop, this coastal town is worth a visit. We loved their chocolate drops and hazelnut hot cocoa.

Happy Christmas Eve, all! We are so excited for what tomorrow holds! xo

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  1. Ah, Christmas is one of those events I wait for.Your family is beautiful especially the youngest one. Have a great Christmas with your adorable children.