31 December, 2014


Happy Christmas! Happy Hogmanay! Happy New Year!

Our week has been f u l l in the sweetest way possible. 

Christmas Eve we flew to London and after a fairly restful night's sleep at the beautiful Novotel Hotel we boarded a trans-atlantic flight for Detroit, where we spent Christmas and my birthday with my parents, all eight of my siblings, my brother's girlfriend, my brother-in-law, and my two nephews and newly-adopted niece.

It was the first time we had all been together since Philippa and my sister's youngest son were born. Basically, it had been several years, and it was s w e e t.

After a few days in Detroit we drove to Ann Arbor to meet up with good friends we've known from St Andrews since before Philippa was born. In St Andrews John and Debby treated us and our children as their own and have been pouring richness and wisdom into our lives ever since. We will treasure them forever.

From the University of Michigan campus we drove to Pittsburgh to surprise Peter's mom and siblings. We were hesitant the surprise would work as we'd purchased plane tickets months ago and had to lie through our teeth to keep them in the dark, but the mission was successful.

And today is our wedding anniversary! Five whole years with my love. How richly blessed I feel, to have done nothing to deserve such a kindness from the Lord. My cup runs over. 

Happy 2015! Every anniversary Peter and I draw up a detailed list of the ups and downs of our year. It turns out 2014 has been a good one with struggles, sadness, and the loss of my dear friend, but also gorgeous travels, provision in ways we couldn't imagine, friendships grown and new friends made. Life is a treasure. Here's to a fresh start and new adventures in 2015. Much love, all.

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