03 January, 2015

51/52 & 52/52

The last of 2014's portraits, a week late, but here nonetheless. Thanks to my children for putting up with this project and my sister for keeping me going when I was ready to drop it. If you're interested in seeing the photos from week one, you can view the entire column here.

We're having a great, slow and thoroughly relaxing time in America. Family is wonderful and it's been fun to watch our children toddle around with their cousins-- all whom were born within months of each of our babies.
Sebastian Grey// still praying for snow. . .
Katharina McCallum// trying out her auntie's ukulele.
Philippa Byrde// is thoroughly obsessed with her grandpa's cats, and faithfully returns to them squealing, "kiiiittttennn!" even after they bite or scratch her.

Sebastian Grey//  had been saving some money he was sent last year for a trip to Target to buy Lego. Today that finally happened.
Katharina McCallum//  is excited to grow up so she can have her own jar of coconut oil.
Philippa Byrde// seems to have grown up even more since we've come here. Whatever the stage is between toddler and lady-- she's there.

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  1. I just scrolled through the portraits... they've gotten so big over the last year! Also, I'm longing for those summer beach days.. they can't come quick enough!