10 January, 2015


Ten on Ten was possibly my favourite project from last year and I'm excited to do it again in 2015.  We're wrapping up our time in Pittsburgh with Peter's family then continuing our adventure to catch up with old friends in Ohio before heading off for our next stop.

This trip back has been our best yet. We've had a rich but relaxing time so far with both our families and extended families, which is just what we'd hoped it would be.


1) how charming is my in-laws' barn? It even has straw on the floor and paper lanterns hanging from the ceiling.  2) painted by my husband, aged 17.  3) watching their first snowfall.  4) Katharina has loved having musical instruments all over the house.  5) sledding with one of her many aunties.  6) working, but leisurely.  7) turns out we love snow!  8) my sister-in-law is in India while we are here, but we do have her ducks to remind us of her.  9) Hamish, the dwarf hamster we bought Peter's littlest sister.  10) Sebastian in the coat and hat his Papa wore when he was three.

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