22 January, 2015


I had forgotten how glorious white winters are. Whether I'm curled up inside under a thick knit blanket or freezing outside in the white stuff, snow makes me happy. It makes the cold seem more purposeful, even bearable.

Peter and I have agreed this trip to the States has been our best, most relaxing and least stressful, trip. We've packed a lot into it, but each visit has felt rich and meaningful.

I'm thankful to have had my sister and two nephews in Ohio with us last week. I so needed a week of cocktails after bedtime, watching too many episodes of Call the Midwife, overindulging in ice cream and sushi with our best girlfriends from childhood, and doing everyday motherhood alongside my other better half.

We're now back in Michigan, staying with my parents, where we're planted for the remainder of our time in the States, minus a short trip to western Michigan and a romantic weekend sans-children to Arizona.

Though I've been quite off-the-radar since leaving St Andrews, all the quiet time I've had has allowed me to think a lot about this blog, personal goals, photography goals. . . I've never done New Year's Resolutions, but I do like fresh starts. Here are a few things I'm striving for in 2015:

  • blog more
  • drink more water (so I've just bought myself one of these, to make the challenge even more fun!)
  • have a personal quiet time every day
  • come up with a photography-related 'passion project'
  • exercise daily
  • take more photos

Did you make resolutions this year? What are some of your goals for 2015?

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