23 February, 2015


When time allows we like to start our day with green drinks. In a perfect world we'd have one every morning, but truth is we shuffled out of the house Sunday morning with bagels and bananas in hand. A full pint glass is enough to get me through until breakfast, but the littles often have theirs with oatmeal or eggs, and Peter always has eggs with his morning greens after hitting the gym.

When I was pregnant with our twins I remember feeling like I lived on green drinks, and the ingredients were out-the-wazoo crazy. I remember molasses and radish and cinnamon... Pregnancy does crazy things to a woman, I say.

Typically we have the same green drink each morning of the week since we have our groceries delivered on a weekly basis, and each week I'll change what we order to add in new flavours.

I try to add three or more green things to each drink. This one has four! And I don't know if anyone actually measures their smoothie ingredients, but I've estimated things below in case you want to follow along. We all love the creaminess of this one.


2 cups organic curly kale
2 cups organic baby spinach
1.5 cups coconut water

(Toss in blender and blend until smooth)

1/2 cucumber, diced
1 whole avocado
1 cup frozen berries
1 bananas
1 very ripe mango
about 1 cup organic plain yoghurt

Blend until smooth and creamy. Serve immediately.

16 February, 2015


This Valentines Day Peter took Katharina to her first ballet class back after our long trip away while Sebastian, Philippa and I prepared to make a mess in the kitchen when she finished dancing.

We baked very vanilla cupcakes with vanilla bean icing (recipe to follow), filled raspberries with chocolate, dipped strawberries, and planned a "fancy dinner", as Katharina called it.

Peter's family started a tradition years ago that we have worked to maintain in our family: Valentine's gifts = books. Every year, a new book. The littles and I cunningly got Peter a beautiful coffee table book of The Hebrides, which we hope will spark some holiday plans.

We had an early dinner of homemade mac & cheese with butter & dill carrots and polished it off with cupcakes and chocolate fruit. That evening Peter secured last minute VIP tickets to the St Andrews Fashion Show and our neighbour came over and put the children to bed while we had a night out.

It's good to be loved and have people to love. I'm thankful we could make a fuss over this holiday this year.


15 February, 2015



The last half of our last week in the States Peter and I spent in Phoenix, where Peter stood beside his mentor and friend (the husband of my mentor and friend who passed away last spring) in his marriage to a diamond of a woman. Their love story is genuinely one of the best I've heard and we were incredibly honoured to be a part of their weekend.

Phoenix was sunny with highs in the 80's and if it hadn't been for our children awaiting our return in Detroit, I may have been forced to board our plane kicking and screaming. We stayed at the gorgeous Arizona Biltmore where our free time was spent laying in the sun and sipping cocktails at their many poolsides. By night, we savoured the cool temperatures by unwinding on the terrace off our room where we drank champagne and indulged in clove cigars and chocolates.

Peter rented a fully charged Camaro for our trip, which he intended to make full use of. Saturday after the wedding we stopped for tacos at a hole-in-the-wall off I-17, then drove to Sedona to watch the sunset, cruising with the windows down, taking photos and blasting music the entire way.

The weekend was a great way to relax together before trekking back across the pond and we're so grateful the trip worked out this way.

12 February, 2015


Hello all!

Apologies for the crickets. I've enjoyed a bit of an unplanned hiatus while we reconnected with family and childhood friends. We're back across the pond now, and it's home to us. We're happy to be back.
If you follow my Instagram you'll know Peter and I wrapped up our time in America with four gorgeous days in Arizona, where Peter's mentor and close friend got married in Paradise Valley (it was paradise). I hope to share those photos soon.

For now, a belated Ten on Ten. All of these photos were taken when we went to stay in Saugatuck, Michigan.  Our good friends John and Debby graciously lent us their car for our 6+ week stay in the States and opened their home and studio to us whenever we wanted to visit. Though they were away on holiday, we enjoyed quiet family time together with no distractions and loads of snow (and no wi-fi!).

The littles and I travelled to Saugatuck for the first time a couple summers ago while Peter was working in Edinburgh. You can read about our summer trip here.


1) drying our boots after a trek through the snow  2) a new favourite toy-- poly octons!  3) waiting on breakfast  4 & 5) the coolest modern dollhouse and highlight of Katharina's trip  6) isn't it awesome that oranges are in season when we need vit-C the most?  7) happy colours everywhere  8) daily dose of Ningxia Red  9) to our delight: non-stop snowing  10) stories and stories with Papa