16 February, 2015


This Valentines Day Peter took Katharina to her first ballet class back after our long trip away while Sebastian, Philippa and I prepared to make a mess in the kitchen when she finished dancing.

We baked very vanilla cupcakes with vanilla bean icing (recipe to follow), filled raspberries with chocolate, dipped strawberries, and planned a "fancy dinner", as Katharina called it.

Peter's family started a tradition years ago that we have worked to maintain in our family: Valentine's gifts = books. Every year, a new book. The littles and I cunningly got Peter a beautiful coffee table book of The Hebrides, which we hope will spark some holiday plans.

We had an early dinner of homemade mac & cheese with butter & dill carrots and polished it off with cupcakes and chocolate fruit. That evening Peter secured last minute VIP tickets to the St Andrews Fashion Show and our neighbour came over and put the children to bed while we had a night out.

It's good to be loved and have people to love. I'm thankful we could make a fuss over this holiday this year.



  1. Sorry about the random and awkward question, but would you guys be willing to share a floor or couch in your home with two YWAM girls who are trying to plan a weekend trip to London in March?

    1. Contact me on Instagram? https://instagram.com/idhreneth/

    2. unfortunately we won't be in London until later in the summer!