10 March, 2015

10 ON 10 || MARCH

After making breakfast together today we enjoyed quite a few warm hours in the sunshine, playing and drawing in the garden with the neighbours. Naps, chores, workout, dinner, walk to meet Papa. It was a sweet day and I'm thankful for every day I get to be these littles' Mama.

Below, Ten on Ten in March. To see February's Ten on Ten follow this link.

1) all my babies take after their father in that they are s l o w at waking in the morning.  2) green drinks every day.  3) "snuggly things" and playing 'Peter & Angela'.  4) pre-nap snuggling with a few stories on the side.  5) he brings me tulips just because.   6) littles' memory work.  7) tiny feet waiting for Papa.  8) they've started preferring showers. 9) startled by a bucket of cold water.  10) tickle. chase. bedtime story. cuddle. bedtime story.

1 comment:

  1. I think that's a trait of *both* their parents? ;)

    Laughed out loud with Pippa's faces in the shower. :D