09 March, 2015


Happy Monday! I'm thankful for a fresh start after what felt like a long week.

Sunday we woke up to a stomach bug in the house, which hit everyone but Peter and thankfully left faster than it came on. We're  now ready to take this week by storm. The little are chugging away at memorising the Shorter Catechism and we've promised Jannetta's once they recite numbers 1-5 without any help.

Spring Break starts next week, and we're having a hard time believing it was a year ago we were trying on swimsuits and packing for Cyprus. We plan to stay put this break, Peter will hopes to make good headway on his dissertation, and we'll have some sweet family days and fun nights out. We're eager for drier, warmer days for picnics on the Lade Braes and beach walks, and are excited to have Peter's brother, sister, and a friend as houseguests for three weeks at the end of the month.

In other news, this has been circulating my Facebook feed and has us contemplating a bucket list for our last months in St Andrews. While I'm in general quite eager for our move, I had an emotional weekend thinking of swapping cosy St Andrews with all its quirky gems for bustling London. I'm thankful this diamond will only be a 6 hour train journey away.

I'm off to make a chicken pot pie and splurge on a raw brownie (recipe to follow!).


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  1. Looks like you had a bit of sunshine! I want a video of those sweeties when they finish their memory work! So impressive!! xoxo