04 April, 2015


Apologies for the serious crickets in this space!  We sent our computer away for maintenance and it turns out I enjoyed the pause far more than I anticipated. If you want to see a bit more of our daily life (penned-on furniture, essential oils, cafe dates, etc) be sure to follow my Instagram account.

We're currently enjoying an incredibly sunny, near-50ºF day with some of the best of visitors. Tuesday Peter's brother and sister arrived and last night our friend Rachel joined the party. We're happy to have them here for three weeks as our potential last visitors while we are in Scotland.

I wanted to share these photos of a sweet family day we had before Peter's dissertation work started requiring exponentially more of him. We're thankful to have days like this to remember when the grind feels tough.

But you guys, he's almost done! We can hardly believe it's all coming to a close [tears streaming emoticon]. I may or may not cry about it regularly.


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