11 May, 2015

One of our favourite places in St Andrews is a mere three-minute walk from our front door. Sebastian has had his mind on making a bow & arrow of his own, and one evening after a late dinner the sun was beginning to set and he asked his Papa when was a good time to hunt for sticks to make said bow & arrow. Peter's reply, "We could go right now. . . if you want."

I grabbed my big camera which I haven't touched in far too long, and we ran off in search of straight branches and twigs and seagull feathers and anything else that could be used for weapon making.

We also stopped for a dip in the stream, which turned into full-on knee-deep wading and splashing, resulting in d r i p p i n g clothes and the dumping of several quarts of water from our wellies. If you're wondering about the water temperature, I'll just say that it was warmer than the sea, I am certain of that. But seeing as we had to pull them out of the water when it was time to leave, its pretty clear it didn't phase our children.

I'm off to order groceries and fold laundry, which is what my three-year-old says women were created to do-- ha!

Happy Monday, all!

Angela xx