29 June, 2015


I've sat down to write this post more than once, and despite all we did and saw, still words fail. It was a holiday that we came back from hot and tired and tan. We'd visit each destination again and again, and we'll talk about the memories we made for years to come.

In an attempt to be simple and more present, I left my big camera at home, which I second-guessed myself on as I watched my daughter laugh deep belly laughs as she threw herself into the Mediterranean, and when my baby tasted real gelato for the first time, when my husband saw the castle he painted and dreamed about twenty years ago. Nevertheless, I have no regrets, and I want these grainy iPhone photos here because these memories are way too sweet.

Last week we returned from what was, without a doubt, the best holiday we have taken (Cyprus, you were still great).

We covered 4,340 kilometres, averaged 110 mph on the autobahn, yet still our days were slow, and these are the days that I find the richest. We slept in, stayed up late, drank too much wine, and ate too much food. We swam, sunbathed, listened to the same four CDs on repeat. We held hands and kissed while we danced and told stories and asked questions. We stayed up to see the sunrise multiple times and had lasting conversations.

On 3 June we boarded a plane for Deutschland, rented a car and trekked across Bavarian countryside. In Munich we drank beer from steins that could second as baby baths and ate chicken, ribs, wurst and pretzels in the Munich Beer Gardens. We spent the evening with friends at their home in the City, then drove towards Fussen, Germany, where the famous Schloss Neuschwanstein resides. 

Fussen itself is worth a visit, with its charming markets and toymakers and a man-powered ferris wheel for children, all scattered amongst beautiful pastel-coloured buildings.

There are very few words to describe Alpsee, Neuschwanstein, and the things we saw this day. It would have been easy to sit here for hours and just breathe. This day-- like a detox that fills your soul to brimming.

Here we picnicked at a lake nourished by the water that runs from the Alps, the children splashed around trying to catch fish with their bare hands, and Peter and I shared a few kisses on the picnic blanket, and pinches to be sure it was real.

The castle is truly spectacular, even breathtaking. The best view of Schloss Neuchwanstein is from the Marienbr├╝cke, a bridge which is older than the castle itself and spans across a waterfall 100 metres below.

Words can't do it justice, so I leave you with a taste of Germany in photos.

This trip only got better. . .stay tuned for part ii: Switzerland!