04 July, 2015


Switzerland! Everything I imagined it should be-- mountains, beaches, ferryboats, sea green lakes. Truly, I'd like to go back again and again and one day never leave.

Here we stayed in the spectacular town of Lugano, just on the border of southern Switzerland and northern Italy, at a cosy motel near Lago di Lugano. We arrived late in the evening, and for dinner we shared a pizza and local wine in our air conditioned room, tucked the littles into their bunkbeds, and Peter and I went to the patio and talked until morning (can you tell this is our favourite thing to do?).

The next morning we slept in (11 am!), missed the motel breakfast, checked-out late, then spent hours in the motel's garden and rooftop pool where Peter taught the kids to cannonball. Some of the happiest giggles I've heard were uttered this morning.

Before hitting the road to Italy we stopped for [more!] pizza which we ate right beside the lake. This day of our trip especially, my soul was so nourished. It was hot and slow-paced, full of sweaty mistakes and belly laughs, then you drive the narrow winding roads of this town and every angle just takes your breath away. Truly, this place is unlike any other.

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