03 August, 2015


Peter left early yesterday morning and, while the children and I eagerly tick away the days on the calendar until he returns, we are excited to work on our list of things to see and do.

The list includes but is not limited to: return to Greenwich Park to play in the sand pit and water pump, take a picnic lunch out on the paddle boats, revisit the Maritime Museum, check out the Docklands Museum, bake a lot, like this nectarine galette with apricots, and more of these yoghurt & spelt crackers. Visit a couple churches, paint, go swimming, get library cards.

And we've deemed Sundays our letter-writing days and are making our way down their list of friends that have become pen pals. We posted three today. ;)

Happy Monday, guys! Our fridge is full of food and I heard my three-year old squeal about her mansion in heaven. It's a good day.

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