11 August, 2015

I wanted to write about our hopes for our new place in London and how all those things were provided because I think its good to keep these things in writing for rainy days when its hard to see the silver lining. Its easy to forget in the day-to-day that often feels like a grind of all the goodness and mercies and provisions and I don't ever want to forget. I keep an Instagram to remember my family and the things they say, the places we go, the food we eat, but this stuff is good too. Really good. 

So Peter signed this contract and there I was nervous-excited hoping and praying for so many things. I'm a get-your-ducks-all-in-a-row type of gal, but I'm learning God's already got those little birds ordered and standing at attention.

The significant increase we'd face in living costs shook me and told me it would be years before we could find a home. Something we could settle down in and live in comfortably. Something that was clean and safe and well kept. I envisioned growing a family in a fourth-floor flat somewhere beyond Zone 6, where people that work in the City have three heads and five legs and commute 120 minutes each way via bus, train, foot, and plane.

I recalled the spiral and geometric wall paper in our blue-carpeted first home in St Andrews and the black mould in our second home, the green floral carpeting and pink bathroom suite in our third and my heart still prayed for things beyond these.

But yet at spring I took my twins out to the garden on the hill overlooking the entire town of St Andrews and I clipped daffodils and baked cakes and made that grungy spider-infested first place with its geometric wallpapering our home
That first house we brought our twins home to, our second home Philippa was born in the front bedroom of, the third one we made some of our favourite memories as a family in. 

And I remembered I could do that anywhere, no matter the building we had.

But even when it felt silly I prayed specifically, because I'm convinced God smiles at details. And I prayed for hardwood floors with scratches and dings showing character and stories of life and age, for white walls, for natural light, for a fireplace in the master bathroom, to have a master bathroom, for a private garden we could use for hospitality, for more than one toilet, a place we could hang photos and have kittens. . .

And God. I often don't know why He does what He does except that He just loves us and delights to delight us.

In his infinite goodness, with grace and care beyond what we can even comprehend, made a way for us to find this little cottage. 

When Peter and I came down to view this property we kind of toured the place with our jaws ajar. Not because it is particularly spectacular, but because it has so many things we value in a home. I remember him following the realtor up the stairs and turning to face me behind him. "It's everything I wanted in our London home." "Me too, babe. Me too," I told him with tears welling.

We had just come in from the garden when the agent said, ".  .and the owner loves children. And she'd be so happy to have pets here!" We made an offer there in the dining room and felt so confident we were led to this place for a reason.

So here we rest: knowing God is always good and trusting His promises are true and believing He is glorified, especially in giving us this home. So we're pressing on in this new adventure with especially grateful hearts. 

He is good!

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  1. <3 <3 You really could make a tent and dirt floor into a beautiful home, but I am so thankful you have this one! Can't wait to visit, and fill it full-to-the-crown-moulding with our kids and their laughter.