19 October, 2015


Monday! On Sunday afternoons I hate you, but on Monday morning I sing your praises! Monday mornings equal a lot of things. New mercies, new beginnings, fresh starts.

Mondays I feel so inspired I usually scribble a to-do list for the day, and it generally has about twelve-too-many things on it but I start out with such gusto that by about Thursday I proclaim it field trip day or watch giraffes being born on Youtube in bed for an hour day. I like life this way and am thankful we're at a place where this can still pass. I have no idea what I'll do when we actually have to have structure (ahem school).

For a second can we talk about how lovely Sundays are? I can recall when I was young the best Sundays were the ones that involved cooking the cosiest lunches followed by good reads, a movie, naps. When Peter and I first got married that's exactly what we made Sundays look like, and we thought we had it all. So, to show it all to our children, thats what our Sundays (generally) still look like. Bliss!

So family stuff.

Peter's doing financial modelling and presented his first company today, but halfway through the presentation the fire alarms were tested and 2,000 people forced to evacuate the building, mid-new guy's presentation. Ha! He gets up at 5:30am, returns at about 7pm, and is wiped at the end of each day, but he feels really fulfilled in what he's doing and really enjoys the people on his team. We're so thankful for such a smooth transition.

Sebastian's a budding entrepreneur. His newest endeavour: rubbish bin removals. For 50p/week he rolls out and brings back our neighbours' bins. He says he's saving for a remote controlled fire truck, a Bugatti, a bi-plane, and a house for his wife. I'm not sure about the ordering of those. But we're so pleased with his sharp mind and social skills, and the encouragement he's gotten from so many neighbours. 

He's a clever boy, and he says things like, "Mama, when you have my brother. . ." and "we're not in school yet, we're just being homeschooled but next year before we turn five mama and papa are going to find us a school and then we'll be going there", and, holding two melons up to his chest, "I went to the breast shop." 

I'm so glad I have a son.

Katharina's newest favourite is the Little House books and I couldn't be more pleased. She sits on edge every time I slowly turn a page and at the end of each chapter she cosily says, "I think we should read just one more. . ." Except for the sound of my husband's train rolling up every night, there's not a lot that makes me genuinely excited. 

Well except for holidays and a pint of Ben & Jerry's all to myself, warm cookies, newborn babies, my children's voices in the morning, mail. . .

but anyway, curling up on the couch with Philippa on my lap and a twin on either side of me, wrapped up in our favourite fur blanket and reading about Indians demanding cornbread and fever 'n ague and prairie chicken dinner-- that makes my heart pretty dang jumpy too.

Katharina says thoughtful things like, "Can we not walk on the graves?" (No) "Is that because the people buried there can feel it?" She loves writing, does simple addition and subtraction, and continues to memorise things after hearing them just once or twice. She swaddles kittens and buttons her sisters dresses, brushes her hair morning, noon, and night, and has a heart of gold.

Philippa turns three in just a couple weeks. We're collecting supplies to make her party invitations and the most exciting proponent: pink glitter. Because Philippa. All she wants is pink cake and pink ice cream and pink balloons and a pink scooter and pink streamers and pink pink pink. Got it? 

I squeeze her till she's pink.

I'm daily thankful for the many reminders of the Lord's goodness in my life. We have a whole lot to be thankful for, and pray our lives always reflect that. One of my favourite things our pastor said yesterday was this (if you can, hear this with a true Scottish brogue, energy, and perfect emphasis): There, awaits us, a life of  u n i n t e r r u p t e d  joy!

What a thought.

I'm going to live today in anticipation of that. Have a great start to your week guys! God is good and faithful.


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  1. Oh so much goodness here! <3 I want to squeeze you all pink! -Auntie