23 October, 2015


I've been listening to this song, these guys a lot again. They win every time.

Contemplating purchasing this book for my coffee table.

The coolest kindergarten in the universe.

This made me laugh out loud.

Part of me would love to moderate this Instagram feed.

Peter and I have been watching this show on Netflix. It's lighthearted, mindless, and cosy. We've enjoyed it.

The dresses, the nightwear, the shoes -- this luxury children's clothing company here in London is everything. Celia also inspires me because she's raising five children all very close in age in London.

Conveniently came across this list of London's go-to hot chocolate places just after Sebastian subtly said, "Maybe we could get hot cocoa at a cafe together one day. . ."

We're talking about getting fancy and taking the kids to see something special at Royal Albert Hall this Christmas.

We made these scones this week because pumpkin.


Have a great weekend, everyone! xo


  1. You always find the best stuff. The baby boy line La Coqueta is driving me wild!

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