19 January, 2016


1. Louise's feed is, hands down, the most beautiful I've seen.

2. I still swoon over all Ace & Jig dresses.

3. Showed the children this video on cliff diving and now they all want to try!

4. David Bowie will not appear on the next £20 note, Bank of England says.

5. Have you read about the six-legged giants resurfacing after hiding away for 80 years?

6. Have you seen Shabby Apple dresses?!

7. An encouraging article for mothers with young children

8. I cannot wait to make this feta tapenade

9. . . .and this food-based antibiotic

10. I've been loving having Peace & Calming back in stock again. It's in my diffuser every day!


  1. Okay, #5 was a little...unusual. But fascinating!
    #6 - I love to browse Shabby Apple's dresses! I don't own any. Yet. But I still love to look and dream.
    #9 - The food based antibiotic sounds interesting! Might have to give it a try since this cold/flu season we seem to be getting sick more often than usual.
    #10 - Quick question. I've recently started using Essential Oils and I was curious, do you notice a definite difference when you diffuse Peace & Calming than when you don't?

  2. Yes! Peace & Calming is part of my religious nightly routine because of how much deeper I sleep when using it. I wouldn't use it if I didn't notice a difference.