18 January, 2016


"But Mama, I can't see Nelson in any of the pictures of us." 

I know you can't, and my stomach formed a knot over it. Nelson remains a hero, especially in our home. We've got a kitten named after him (Vice Admiral Lord Horatio Nelson, to be precise), Peter's currently working on an oil on canvas painting of his victory at the Nile, and Sebastian will happily tell you his entire life story, start to finish.

A good photo with Nelson is good enough reason to go back.

Last week I took the littles to the National Gallery, a place none of us had ever been, but I was confident they would enjoy as we have to pull them out of nearly every museum we visit.

We spent an extra twenty minutes walking across every piazza in our path when we were in Florence just so the children could see the sculptures. It was then that I really realised they had their father's blood in them through and through.
When Katharina was 13 months we began noticing her startlingly in-key and on-point tone while singing, and I joked that she was certainly Peter's child.

But their appreciation for art is just something else! I am eternally grateful to my husband for sharing this love with our children.

Like most of the museums here, the National Gallery has Free Admission! You really can't beat the museums in the UK. They're truly stunning, most all of them have impressive collections, and all have free admission! It's especially great because it means you can make the day as long or short as you need without feeling like you've seen your ticket's worth.

We couldn't choose a top favourite gallery, but the Impressionists are always a favourite as we've been practicing painting like them at home. Katharina was disappointed that Monet's Poppies wasn't there, but I've promised her a trip to France where she can copy from it as long as she pleases. Monet still remains her favourite artist (for now at least!), and she came home and promptly copied the Water-Lily Pond.

Philippa studied Rousseau's Surprised! for so long that I couldn't control myself and bought her a print from the gift shop to hang above her bed. 

Sebastian was especially taken by the Renaissance galleries, with the dark shadows and action-packed scenes. We also loved how generally enormous the paintings were-- like a life-sized storybook.

I got chills staring at Monet's signature-- half a metre from us, a simple green rope the only thing separating us. He touched these paintings!

We'll definitely be returning soon, next time with our sketchbooks and pencils in hand!


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