05 January, 2016


Hello! Happy 2016! How were your holidays? The entire season was so sweet for us and surprisingly full so we're feeling rejuvenated and eager for the fresh start of a fresh year.

Our holidays began with a pirate party at Peter's work where we wandered around the fifth floor in pirate attire, [adults] sipping mulled wine, [children] building treasure chests, being chased by Captain Hook and Mr Smee, and sitting on Father Christmas' knee.

Peter worked a half day Christmas Eve, which we were all suspicious was only because he needed an excuse to get into the City to finish start Christmas shopping. In the evening we ate Christmas cookies, had a big dinner, checked Google's Santa Tracker one last time, and put some bouncy littles down for an early bedtime.

Christmas was quiet and much needed with just our family, but we spent nearly five hours on FaceTime with our extended families in the States, which was bittersweet. Boxing Day we headed about two hours north for brunch with friends who have seven children and live in a spacious house in the fresh country air outside of London. It was a lovely break away with delicious food and great company.

For my birthday (following Boxing Day) Peter surprised me by having our dear friends from Scotland down for a few days. We had a second gigantic meal, cake & ice cream, wandered around Greenwich, and several up-too-late nights with them.

We joke one of the biggest mistakes we've made as a couple was getting married on New Year's Eve (aka Hogmanay) because of the struggle to find a babysitter. In past years we've done different creative things: anniversary dinner in, celebrated on a different night, and once, had the luxury of having my sister-in-law visiting over the holidays so were treated us to a few days/nights of childcare. This year friends kindly invited our three littles to their house for a hogmanay sleepover party complete with fondue and sword fights.

Peter and I had several cocktails (and pre-dinner chips, ha) at a pub in Soho before heading to our 9pm reservations at one of my favourite places to date, and one I had been wanting to take him to for over a year: St Moritz. You can't miss the place on Wardour Street, with a big Swiss flag hanging over the door. Upon arrival, take a deep breath and smell the place-- real, good, c h e e s e.

The ambiance couldn't be more perfect at this place: dimly lit, with red brick walls, aged cedar rafters, old red carpet. . . They serve authentic, stinky, imported Swiss cheese fondue, with baskets of diced bread, boiled new potatoes, or roasted veggies. Peter got an order of beef, which is served raw with 9 assorted dipping sauces and a pot of sizzling oil for frying it yourself.

You must try. Finish it all off with a pot of chocolate fondue and a shot of Schnapps. Book in advance, because they have about ten tables (all with such excellent service).

Peter was back to the office yesterday, and the littles and I have been regrouping, tidying, and agenda-planning. I'm especially savouring this time with them before they become school-age and everything seemingly changes. Last year it all seemed very far away but now it feels on our heels.

We're making Peter's mother's chicken curry tonight and enjoying a cosy afternoon & evening in. We've had the mildest of winters (literally-- in seventy years!) and I am in my glory!

Happy Tuesday, all! I'm not one for resolutions, but if I were, writing on this blog more would have been one of them. . . ;)


(all photos by Rachel Clarke Photography, from when we lived in Scotland).

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