13 January, 2016


The children and I have been learning German together. While Sebastian will proudly announce, "Ich bin ein Junge", Katharina will sit for ages writing out terms. I'm happy I can now give my phone number in German, with some help from the littles. . .wait. ;)

December was unusually mild this year (so we're told), and just as we were getting comfortable with having it that way, temperatures went and plummeted and brought buckets full of rain with them. The daffodils are resilient though and remind us of warmer days to come.

They told me this morning, "You are the greatest mother!"
Philippa rocks her cashmere hat from Olivier Baby & Kids that I grabbed at The ShopUp. Also, the thighs.

I have only ever ironed Sebastian's shirts when he's had a wedding to walk in (that is okay, right?!), but this morning as I was ironing Peter's he brought his down and asked if I would do them also. His smile spread from ear-to-ear when I showed him his pressed white shirt. "It looks just like Papa's. I love it so much."

An evening visitor:

How Katharina keeps herself busy during quiet time when she can't sleep:

Forever and always, the highlight of the girls' week:

"If I were a puzzle. . ." -- Conversations while cooking dinner. I hope he always wants to be with me.

Happy Wednesday, guys!

We're making jacket potatoes with a buffet of toppings for dinner tonight. What are you cooking?


  1. I've been a long-time follower; decided to comment more!
    We're making meatloaf and oven fries, since they delightfully cook at the same temperature. Pineapple for dessert for now until my bananas ripen.

  2. Updates like this are really fun! :-) You have a beautiful family!
    Hmmmm.....I'm a little ashamed to admit that last nights supper was a store bought chicken pot pie with salad. My excuse is not feeling grand and running on hardly any sleep. ;-) Tonight I plan on putting together Pasties like my Irish grandmother used to make. It's all about balance, right? :-D
    Take care!

  3. The picture of Seb and the ironed shirts slays me. <3 Love that boy.