01 February, 2016


"Do you think maybe you drink a bit too much coffee?"

"Babe, think of one thing that you just love, that you look forward to every single day. That fills you up and makes you go 'ah'. That's my coffee."

My husband and I had this conversation a while ago, because no matter how hard I try, I can't seem to appreciate the unique flavour of roasted Ecuadorian beans steeped in perfectly heated filtered water, poured into the perfect mug and consumed at leisure.

The last time I really tried was when I ordered 3 shots of espresso at 2am at a wedding that was meant to last four more hours. That espresso neither sashayed my booty to the dance floor nor kept me awake until sunrise, but I have since discovered what my coffee is.

That is, my nightly routine! I look forward to this every day, it makes me feel good, it makes me go ah. So, coffee, yeah?

Here you are:

After a good facial cleansing (I'm currently using this Alba Botanica Pineapple Enzyme Cleanser, but I change cleanser every few bottles), I lather my face and neck in organic coconut oil, with several drops of whatever essential oil my skin may be needing. My favourites are Cedarwood, Frankincense, and Progessence Phyto Plus.

Nighttime is my favourite time to apply oils to my face because the results after a good night's rest are so dramatic. I like to go all out. Plus, it makes the bed smell pretty darn awesome.

I also apply 3 drops of PPP to my wrists and rub them together. This stuff is magic. I feel noticeably, one hundred times better when using this. I always have it on hand and use it regularly.

On my stomach I spray 8 pumps of this magnesium oil, which also aids in a deeper rest, can relieve morning sickness in pregnancy, relieves sore muscles, aids digestion, and may prevent over 20 types of illness (like high blood pressure, heart disease, tooth decay, and others).

Did you know over 80% of us are deficient in this underrated, vital mineral? I never ever go without magnesium. If there's ever a night where I can't do all of the above, I will, half-asleep, crawl out of bed for my magnesium. It's that changing.

The last thing I do is back at my oils station. I like to massage my feet in either Cedarwood or Peace & Calming  to promote a good night's sleep. When I say good, I mean deep, drooling good. I also love to put these two in diffusers in our room and the kids' room at bedtime.

Oh, and Morning & Evening, of course, because everyone needs Jesus as first and last thing of their day [and every moment in-between]. This one is revised by Alistair Begg and we love it

There you have it! My caffeine fix.


  1. Sounds so peaceful! After I got pregnant, I lost my taste for coffee, so I had to find a new "ah" ritual. And it's been drinking very, very cold water. Thanks for the devotional recommendation, too!

    1. I used to only drink very cold water (preferably iced), then when we moved to Great Britain I grew accustomed to my water at room temperature. Now it's what I prefer! Whenever I buy a cold bottle of water from a shop's refrigerator the kids will shout, "This is COLD water!" HA. Hope you enjoy the devotional!