05 February, 2016


The house is totally quiet with sleep sleeping littles, and I'm tucked in my bed too, having quiet time of my own.

Fridays are for ballet in our house, and most of Thursday is in anticipation too, now that I think of it! The girls d a n c e out of bed Friday mornings and stroke my face and say things like, "Mama, where is my precious sister? She wasn't in her bed when I checked", "Can you make my hair match my sister's hair? Because it's just so lovely!", and "Whatever you choose to make us for breakfast, we will eat that with glad hearts!"

Seriously, can every day be ballet day?

Before ballet we ran into the healthfood store to buy slippery elm bark for a project (recipe coming!) and then peeked our heads into the Vintage Market that was just getting set up (in the rain!).

After ballet we went out for tea & cake at one of our favourite cafes (because they always have space for us and our scooters and buggy!) in Greenwich, Peyton & Byrne. This morning I met a man that travelled all the way down from North of London to buy his sausage roll, then waited over 30 minutes for it to be made. "They're the best in all of London," he commented.

We extended our walk home by playing Hide & Seek around the park We've enjoyed a finally mild day after tons of grey and rain!

Tonight we're having lasagne and a fresh green salad. We'll have black bean brownies (recipe coming for these as well!) for dessert.

Happy Friday! xx

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