14 February, 2016



The past few days have been a whirlwind for us and we're quite happy to be welcoming in a fresh week tomorrow.

On Thursday we were leaving the house for an appointment to deal with a strong cough that has been keeping me (and Peter!) up through the night for several weeks straight (hello, chest infection) and Katharina pulled our front door closed on her thumb. I cupped my hands beneath hers and in a matter of seconds my hands were filled with blood, dripping onto her clothes, the floor, everywhere. I've birthed three children and have seen a fair share of bodily fluids, but I have never seen pools of blood like I did when this happened.

I was fairly certain she required a trip to A&E but called Peter at work, who agreed we should continue making our way to my GP appointment and get the doctor's opinion.

I took her to the emergency room for an x-ray at the advice of the doctor, where they determined there was no fracture, however when they undressed what my doctor had bandaged it with, the  blood began pouring again and the nurse's attitude completely changed. She brought a doctor in to look at it and with one glance he said, "She needs plastic surgery."

She was booked for surgery at St Thomas' Hospital the following day. All in all the surgery went well, and she was able to come home the night of, which we were so thankful for. The care we received at St Thomas' (with view's of Big Ben and the London Eye to boot!) was phenomenal, and far surpassed all other care we have received here. Katharina was, we were told, the ideal patient, with few tears and a whole lot of trust. Her recovery should be smooth, and she's happy to be home and allowed to eat again, though she's been given instructions to play gently.

It is expected to take up to a year for things to be back to normal, and even then her finger will not be the same. She'll have extra scar tissue, and likely a rigid nail. She has an appointment Friday with the plastic surgeon to redress the wound and assess the healing process, and I of course am eager to get it uncovered so I can douse it in herbs and oils.

Our Valentine's party plans have been reworked because I couldn't manage to squeeze in baking time, but now Peter is making us a special dinner which we plan to eat picnic style. Maybe we'll toss a few berries in and call it festive. We're just happy to be in our home all together.

Despite all we had going on, Peter and I kept plans for a night out with our dearest friends last night and we're both so glad we did. It was good to relax away from home and forget it all for a bit. I'm looking forward to a gentle week catching up on projects and baking some belated love day treats.

Happiest Valentine's Day, everyone! xx

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