30 March, 2016


As promised, a step-by-step guide for flavouring and carbonating your water kefir!

So, your first ferment is finished, now what? You can either drink it as is, add flavouring and allow it to infuse while in the fridge, or add your kefir with the flavourings to swing-top bottles and ferment a second time to create a flavoured, carbonated drink. That is what this post covers.

In order for your water kefir to become carbonated it needs to be poured into tightly sealed bottles. As the bacteria and yeasts continue consuming the sugar they release the gases that cause carbonation. We let our second brews sit for 1-3 days, depending on the temperature of my kitchen. Right now while it's pretty warm (who am I kidding, this is England. . .), we are averaging two days. 

Flavouring & Carbonating Water Kefir

To begin your second ferment, strain your first brew from the wide-mouth jars, setting the grains aside for beginning another batch.

Dissolve 2-3 tablespoons of rapadura sugar in a small amount of filtered water, pour into swing top bottle, and once cooled to room temperature, add the strained kefir (this is the liquid, not the grains). Top with your flavouring of choice, close the airtight tops, and leave in a warm place out of direct sunlight for 1-3 days.

We may or may not have sprayed fizz all over ourselves opening several very-fermented bottles, so use caution when you're opening these, especially if they've sat for closer to the three days.

That's it! After a few days, you can pop your bottles into the fridge, or drink it right away. When we open ours immediately we like to add a slice of lemon and a couple of ice cubes. Dee-licious. 

A side-note: it is possible to ferment with freshly pressed juices, but this is not recommended with a second ferment because bottles are more prone to bursting. We have not brewed this way because we all really enjoy the carbonation, but share what you think if you do try this way!

For ideas on flavourings, I've referenced this page a lot. Lately, and as I've becomes a bit more confident in my brewing, we have just been adding whatever we have on hand. Our favourite has been raspberries & lemon and lemon-lime. We are trying ginger next!

That's all-- so super easy for such a delicious and nourishing drink. I hope you try it! Leave a comment below if you have a favourite flavour we should try!


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