30 March, 2016


Good Friday came and my husband successfully ruffled my feathers by saying he was needing to go into the office on his day off. On the sunniest day of the year.

I took the littles for a day outside, after making plans with Peter to meet back at home early evening for an Easter egg hunt in the park.

Little did we know he was nowhere near his office, but was picking up my mother, grandmother, and two littlest sisters from the airport in a surprise they had all been planning for months.

I'm a hard person to surprise, guys. I just figure things out. I'm curious and I pick up on things, and Peter and I have an incredibly open relationship which makes it generally easy for me to tell when he's not telling it all. But this! I cried and sobbed and screamed and was genuinely shocked.

So, please bear with me if posting is more sporadic than usual. I hope to return to normal when they leave in a couple weeks, but until then, we'll be having a ball. If anyone else wants to secretly book tickets and show up in my dining room, by all means, please do! ;)


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