14 March, 2016


This weekend was the first in months that we've been able to resume our "Papa Time" and it was l o v e l y.  Peter's job doesn't specifically require him to be in his office on the weekends, but he is currently studying to take the CFA level 1 in June, which is a master's-level qualification that will  take him several years to complete and is on-par with a PhD in regards to time commitment. So needless to say, when we can have him with us, we savour it.

This past weekend we took things slowly, as we do. We celebrated his success on another finance exam with a night out with our best friends, and started Saturday morning with Looney Tunes and breakfast burritos (Peter cooked!). After football we walked to the park in blinding sunshine (!) for family freeze-tag and tree climbing. We did a lot of resting under trees together, a lot of laughing, a lot of just being still.

I'm thankful for the ways Peter challenges me to live the life we are called to, especially in the everyday that so easily feels like a grind. When I'm fighting impatience he reminds me to slow everything down and live the quiet life that we want. He called me from work not very long ago to share this revelation he'd had: how we were so bogged down with life's hurdles that we were failing to taste our daily bread, and enjoy it. So we purposed to do better together, living in the now, and immediately we felt this weighty burden lifted. We often chock-up worrying and planning as "being prudent" but there's only so much forward thinking you can do before you find yourself in a place needing to surrender it all. After all, each day has enough troubles of its own.

He's in Frankfurt this week and we are all so eager for his return. Tomorrow we're planning to paint ceramic "piggy" banks that aren't actually pigs, bake banana bread, and take a trip to the library. Mondays aren't usually our favourite day of the week, be we do love a fresh start and new mercies!

Happy Monday, guys! Drink up the goodness today.  xx

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