03 March, 2016


I cried yesterday when I saw there was predicted snow three days in the seven-day forecast. Winter has felt excruciatingly long this year, and we battled weeks of illnesses which I chocked up to immune systems adjusting to a new place. Needless to say, we've been aching for not just warm weather, but even just a little spot of sun.

Turns out, today was our day.

After running errands outside of Greenwich (okay, we went to the pet shop to look at fish and rabbits. Thank you, Peter, for the text saying no bunnies. . .) we dropped our bags at home and packed some rice cakes, cheese chunks, energy bites, and sliced cucumber and hustled to Greenwich Park. I've been craving some blanket time on the hill over there, but the grey and cold had me in hibernation mode. It had been months since we really went to the park like we used to. But this was invigorating and filled us all with the life I felt we were lacking all winter.

Apparently that snow is still coming (or is it?), but we're clinging today and the promise of Spring somewhere in the future! 

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  1. The best days. <3 Sebastian lying on his side looking out over the city. *swoon* That boy. xox