01 March, 2016


We spent this morning at the Maritime Museum with friends, had packed lunches, and now the littles are all snoozing away and I'm getting some work done. There's a chicken roasting in the oven and every time I inhale my sides cramp up a bit from the unbelievable smell. How many ways do you use a whole chicken? I've got a post planned on how we get the most out of ours!

I recently reordered a Premium Starter Kit because one of our diffusers broke and we were running low on a lot of our everyday oils. This is a great option for replenishing your oil cabinet! 11 oils plus sample sachets and bottles, a diffuser, promotional materials, and more, cost me £116.50. Have your ordered your kit yet?! Shoot me an email if you'd like to join under my sponsorship.

I'm headed to flip the chicken and finish some admin work before digging back into my book. Happy Tuesday, guys!

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  1. What else could be better than a day trip to the Maritime museum with the little ones and a scrumptious meal to end the day with.