12 April, 2016


I know I've mentioned how I love to live slowly. How somehow, doing nothing, gives me everything. I think it's a beautiful thing to teach children-- it breeds contentment and thankfulness and excitement in the daily things that are easily mundane.

Friday morning the littles and I planned to do something fun together as Peter had to be away. It was a sad day as we had earlier dropped by family off at the train station, and with Peter being away, we really needed our spirits lifted. We decided we'd have a picnic on the rooftop outside of our master bedroom. It's a gorgeous and cosy spot, and one Peter and I share a lot of nights on.

We talked about this plan all day long, and even washed some duvets to kick up the cosiness a notch. We visited the market and bought our favourite snacks, picked up some new candles, and then set to work prepping everything we'd need.

That simple little night resulted in, "THANK YOU for being our Mama!"and "You are just the best mother, ever!", and we're still talking about it today.

Life is so rich.


  1. These pictures give a warm feeling, full of active work.It reminds me of my childhood days when i use to keep everything around me so noice