08 April, 2016

The littles and I dropped my family off at the train station this morning which was a heart-wrenching experience. I don't know that there was really any way I could have better prepared my children, but we said goodbyes while the train was still three-minutes out, and when it pulled up and they boarded the platform was shaking with sobs and howls. Maybe it was the train pulling away. But either way, enormous tears were rolling down my sisters' cheeks, my mom's, my grandma's. One of my girls were shrieking, "Can we not go with them?!" while the other sobbed uncontrollably.

We've had small bursts of breakdowns since then, but are focusing on all the many wonderful things we did and saw and ate while they were here. Many of our nights ended after fits of hour-long laughter, sharing wine and old memories. My mother's stories can make anyone burst a gut from laughing. I had sweet quiet moments with my sisters, and intentional quality time with my grandma, which was so dear to my heart. My mom's mom is hardly old enough to be my grandmother and since I've had children and moved to the United Kingdom, she's become one of my dearest treasures. There's a reason we FaceTime her four days a week!

I'll miss the fullness of our wee 700-square-foot cottage packed with the people we love most. I'll miss my grandma humming all throughout the day, and having my laundry washed and folded before I even remember to get to it. I'll miss coming downstairs in the morning to a house bustling with life.

We packed a lot into their two weeks here, and I even got to see new parts of this city we call home. Most of us had different high points from the trip, which made me smile because it proved just what a dear time it all was. Discovering new places is always a favourite of mine, but simply doing our daily quiet life with family alongside was a real treasure. 

And Peter's cooking. That's always a treasure.

Goodbyes suck, and we've done them so many times since moving across the pond, but they truly never get easier. I'm leaving these photos here for us to remember always. What a treasure family is.


  1. Ohhhh!!! I am so so glad they visited, and what a wonderful time! ❤️

  2. Wow! That's amazing.
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